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  • Roblox Studio Is Testing Generative AI Game Creation Tools for Prospective Creators
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Roblox Studio Is Testing Generative AI Game Creation Tools for Prospective Creators

28/10/2023 12:05



Nirav Upadhyay on LinkedIn: Roblox launches its first generative AI game creation tools Engadget

“And we see that on Roblox already as being what separates a successful experience from a less successful experience, and we think that will just accelerate it.” “That’s what [the US Digital Millenium Copyright Act] is all about, and it’s a process we work very hard on and respect in all of this,” Sturman says. “These answers come from what’s come before – and AI is just a new twist on it – but I think we’re Yakov Livshits just going to lean on the experience we’ve had to date, which has served us well in this domain, and just build on that.” “So all of that framework would have to be built out before you could launch a real third-party AI service. And it’s something we’re still looking at and trying to figure out the best way to approach it.” He says the Assistant can also add behavior to objects in the experience as well.

roblox its first generative ai game

At Lightspeed, we believe that AI is set to overhaul every facet of game development, pushing the industry into an era of unprecedented creativity and innovation. A future where the “infinite power of play” will continue to expand technological boundaries. We’re excited to support founders building AI-native games, platforms, and technologies that empower anyone to create novel experiences that invite and immerse players across the globe.

Gaming x AI Market Map: The Infinite Power of Play

By enabling 3rd party AI creation services to plug directly into Roblox (likely as a creation experience), we provide a mechanism for their unique creations to be directly offered to Roblox users. We envision the community as a force multiplier for generative AI, creating an ecosystem that our creators and users can leverage to create content and tools more effectively. As we all know, generative AI learns the underlying patterns and structures of data and generates new content, such as images, audio, code, text, 3D models, or other forms of media, that have not been seen before.

roblox its first generative ai game

As tools continue to develop, many suspect that generative AI won’t be used for just 2D assets and concept art, but also to help create and animate 3D models. Or to create a first draft of a model that a designer can refine, saving design time. One of the most exciting aspects of generative AI is its Yakov Livshits ability to help create more believable and interactive characters. At Inworld, we built a character engine to craft characters that have distinct personalities and demonstrate genuine contextual awareness, meaning they can dynamically react to the world around them while staying in the game world.

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Generative AI will help developers build more extensive and immersive worlds by automating much of the legwork, enabling them to focus on designing creative new mechanics and features. But there’s something even bigger to be said about “the infinite power of play.”  For half a century, video games have profoundly shaped consumer behavior and acted as a catalyst for significant technological innovation. With the advent of the ‘Metaverse,’ and as an ever-increasing time of our lives is spent in immersive virtual worlds, gaming is expected to continue its pivotal Yakov Livshits role in how we play, work, and connect. Sturman also said that because the software is open source, developers will be able to use its APIs to build their own communication tools that might better fit their experiences. We discussed the possibility of using a variation of the tool to recreate the “emergency meeting” element of Among Us—letting players be yanked into a call as part of the game experience. If AIGC’s first phase is generative AI accelerating existing UGC tools, the second phase will be generative AI powering the underlying creation engine.

Yakov Livshits
Founder of the DevEducation project
A prolific businessman and investor, and the founder of several large companies in Israel, the USA and the UAE, Yakov’s corporation comprises over 2,000 employees all over the world. He graduated from the University of Oxford in the UK and Technion in Israel, before moving on to study complex systems science at NECSI in the USA. Yakov has a Masters in Software Development.

Roblox Builds Out Its Metaverse Vision With Video Chat – WIRED

Roblox Builds Out Its Metaverse Vision With Video Chat.

Posted: Fri, 08 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In November last year, Parsons announced the launch of its digital fashion education program in partnership with gaming platform Roblox. The 16-week course introduced digital fashion practices and toolkits to fledgling talent who wanted to expand on their skill sets. Students were not required to be already tech-savvy in virtual design, they just had to be eager to learn. Later this month, any user who is ID-verified and has Premium will be invited to create 3D items for Roblox’s Marketplace. New tools are being added to protect buyers and sellers from scammers who engage in duplicating creative works. “We care about creating a Marketplace with content people love and where creativity is protected,” stated the blog.

At Lightspeed, we are believers in the power of gaming as the ultimate online social experience—one where creativity, skill, and collaboration meet to become joy. It’s no wonder why gamers are some of the most engaged and retentive audiences of any consumer vertical. Valenti believes this shift adds depth to students’ craft and that it’s preparing a community of futurists for the ongoing digital transformation. “The world will become increasingly filled with 3D content, and it’s critical that we enable students to understand how emerging technologies will influence their future career – whatever field they are entering,” Drinkwater continues. The university launched the FIA initiative, a division set up to help scholars stay at the bleeding-edge of technology, in 2013, and has been running courses on AI since 2019. Similarly, with AI-generated programs like Midjourney becoming near ubiquitous, alternative doors are opening for creatives who may not have access to these elusive institutions to gain valuable exposure and explore their vision.

  • Roblox is testing a tool that could accelerate the process of building and altering in-game objects by getting artificial intelligence to write the code.
  • Where it gets interesting is that Barracuda runs on all Unity supported platforms, which includes desktop, mobile and consoles.
  • “Everything we’re doing, we’re double-checking the sources, making sure it’s all completely public domain material,” he said.
  • Recently Roblox Chief Technology Officer Daniel Sturman took to Roblox’s blog to share the company’s vision for a Roblox generative AI.
  • As a result, it will be extremely difficult for today’s UGC incumbents to win in this phase – they would have to rewrite all of their underlying technology and port their existing entrenched ecosystem over!

Roblox says the code-making AI it makes use of depends on a mix of in-house know-how and capabilities from the exterior, though it’s not disclosing the place from. Currently, the corporate is simply coaching its AI by utilising sports content material that’s within the public area. Sturman says Roblox will tread fastidiously to make sure that customers don’t object to having their creations fed into generative AI algorithms. Said marketplace will no longer make use of Robux, the company’s in-app currency that drives the bulk of its revenue.

Similar to other image generators, users can select from a number of options based on a prompt. Roblox’s material generator goes a step further — the AI will apply texture to the material to make lighting more realistic. Roblox has launched two new generative AI tools to support the 12 million developers on its platform. Starting today, developers can opt-in to use both the AI-based material generation and coding tools.

Roblox’s top tech officer talks AI –

Roblox’s top tech officer talks AI.

Posted: Fri, 08 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

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